Dutch certified translations

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Dutch certified translations

A translated document intended for use by an official body such as a government agency will often need certification. A certified translation may also be needed for official documents intended for use abroad. These official documents range4 from birth, marriage and death records to divorce decrees, contracts, court rulings, judicial summons, statutes, diplomas, and extracts from municipal records or the Chamber of Commerce. The process of certification depends on the location of your translator.

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Guaranteed with certification

Clients present certified translations when official bodies specifically require them. Therefore, we can provide a notarized Certificate of Accuracy for use with any official organization. Additionally, we can obtain sworn translations or further legalizations.

What is a certified translation?

The translator will provide a separate notarized Certificate of Accuracy. In the Certificate of Accuracy, the translator asserts that the translation is an accurate and faithful representation of the source document. Then, the Certificate of Accuracy is then signed and notarized before it is attached to the translation. If the translator is also a sworn translator (i.e. registered at the local courts or in the national registry of sworn translators), he or she will affix a personal stamp much like that of a notary. However, note that there is no official body of sworn translators in the United States, so please make sure to let us know beforehand if you need a sworn translator.

Who is a sworn translator?

In the Netherlands, a sworn translator takes an oath in the district court (or multiple courts). Additionally, the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (Register voor Beëdigde Tolken en Vertalers) lists all sworn translators.

In the United States, no official body, court, or entity certifies or swears in translators. Thus, there is no such thing as an American sworn or certified translator, unless he or she lives abroad. There are, however, certain professional organizations such as the American Translators’ Association which issue their own certification exams. Therefore to remedy this, American translators–no matter where they are located in the world–can provide sworn Certificates of Accuracy. American translators can also obtain apostilles to legalize their translations and Certificates of Accuracy for use abroad.

Legalizations and apostilles

Legalizations (apostilles) go one step further than certifications. Whereas clients use certified translations in-country, they use apostilled translations abroad. An apostille is a separate document affixed to both the translation and the Certificate of Accuracy. As mentioned previously, apostilles are not necessary for domestic use.

If the translator is located in the Netherlands, only sworn translators’ work can be apostilled. Click here for more information about legalizing documents in the Netherlands. However, translatiopns submitted in the Netherlands that have been done by a translator outside the Netherlands do not have to be made by a sworn translator.

In the United States, obtaining an apostilled translation is a streamlined process. The signed and notarized Certificate of Accuracy accompanies the translation, and then the Secretary of State of the state where the translator is located certifies the entire packet for use abroad.

Certifications, legalizations, and apostilles

Go Dutch Translation is happy to work with you to determine (and obtain) which class of translation you need. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.