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Frequently asked questions about translation

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What is Go Dutch Translation?

Go Dutch Translation is a translation team. We are not a translation agency. Rather, we are two translators working in opposite pairs (Dutch to English and English to Dutch). We do this because it allows us to fully understand the source text and turn it into a culturally relevant target text. While we are working, we double check each other’s work for understanding, style, tone, and meaning.

Together, we have over 15 years of professional translation experience. We hold professional memberships in organizations such as The New York Circle of Translators, The Mediterranean Editors’ and Translators’ Association, and the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters. Working as a translation team allows us to save on costly overhead while being able to do everything a big agency can. Because of this, clients enjoy considerable value for the same excellent work.

What can you translate?

In a nutshell, almost anything. Unless your text is highly specialized (we don’t do highly specialized scientific or medical texts, for example), we can exceed your expectations. Due to our educational background and professional experience, we specialize in legal translations, business translations, hospitality translations, and IT translations.

We can translate documents, websites, and everything in between. And if we can’t translate it ourselves – we know someone who can.

We can translate practically any format, maintaining the exact layout and format of the original.

How do I count the words in my document?

If your document is in Microsoft WordⓇ, just use the “word count” function in the Tools section. Otherwise, if the document is in another format, send us the file and we can count it for you.

Can you translate my website?

Absolutely. We can even work directly off your source code.

Do you work with companies or private individuals?

We welcome projects from all clients, both individuals and businesses (and everyone else, too).

Are your translators certified?

We can add a Certificate of Translation Accuracy to your order. This certificate attests that the translation was carried out by a professional native translator to the best of his or her ability. The certificate is then legalized by an accompanying apostille, making it legal for use both in your country and abroad. Certified translations have an additional cost of $10/10 euros or 3% of the total price for orders over $500.

Please note that this certification is not the same as a sworn translation. A sworn translation is a translation carried out by an officially appointed (sworn) government translator who has his or own stamp/seal and number like a notary. There is no such thing as a sworn translator in the U.S. If you need a sworn translation, we can arrange this as well for an extra fee.

Is my project manager my translator?

Yes! Unlike large translation agencies, the person you contact is the person working on your document. You get a direct line to your project manager and translator every time you get in touch with us.

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How much does translation cost?

Translations start at 14 euro cents per word, depending on difficulty of text or specializations needed and turnaround time. For more information about our pricing, please click here.

How do I get a free quote?

You can e-mail us your text at or you can contact us here.

Is there a minimum order fee?

Yes. There is no minimum order size, but our minimum fee is $50/40 euros.

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Deliveries and turnaround times

When will my job be delivered?

Generally, we can handle:

  • up to 500 words – 1 day
  • 500-2,000 words – 2 days
  • 2,000+ words – 3 days

There is some wiggle room in these estimates. For rush jobs, just tell us when you need it and we can handle it!

Can you translate a 100 page manual in 5 days?

Normally, yes. We can manage a team of colleagues to get your translations done quickly. We can use up to 20 translators simultaneously and also manage the entire translation project to your specifications.

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How can I pay?

We accept:

  • Major credit cards processed on a secure server
  • Bank transfers
  • PayPal

When do I need to pay?

Invoices must be paid within 5 business days of receipt of translation. We ask that new customers provide their credit card details for orders over 350 USD. This is not advance payment–it is only a guarantee for your first order. Your card will not be charged until delivery of the translation.

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What guarantees do you give regarding quality?

  • Native speakers of the source and target language
  • We only work in one bidirectional language combination to ensure maximum quality
  • More than 15 years of translation industry experience
  • We offer two guarantees specified in our conditions of sale: if you reasonably dispute the quality of the translation, we will provide a new version as quickly as possible at our expense. The second is even more persuasive–deferred payment. You pay only after having seen the translation.
  • Confidentiality and discretion.
  • Membership in numerous professional organizations and swear to uphold the ethical tenets of our profession.

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