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Dutch to English translation

Audra de Falco

Born and raised in New York City, Audra de Falco is a native speaker of English and therefore works from Dutch to English. She holds formal education in law and thus specializes in legal translation. Audra also works from Italian, Spanish and French to her native English and English to her native Italian.

English to Dutch translation

Eric Schepers

Hailing from idyllic Roosendaal in the Netherlands, Eric Schepers is a native speaker of Dutch and therefore translates from English to Dutch. He specializes in tech, tourism, and legal translations. Before working as a translator, Eric was an accomplished hospitality industry professional across both the Netherlands and Belgium.

Human Translators

While machines are pretty cool, they just can’t convey the nuance, tone, and meaning in Dutch translation like a human translator. That’s why we translate everything ourselves.

Native speakers

We strictly adhere to best industry practices. Thus, all translations are done by a native of the target language. No exceptions!


In this industry, our reputation is only as good as our last translation. Because of this, we’re evangelical about accuracy (and you probably are, too!).

Culturally relevant

We’re natives of the U.S. and the Netherlands. Therefore, no matter where your translation is being used, we’ll make sure it hits all the right cultural notes.


Enough! We’ve cut out costly agency middlemen. Therefore, going directly to the source will save you just about 50%. Doesn’t everyone want to save money?

Fast support

Your time is extremely valuable, and we definitely respect that. Therefore, we promise to be available for you whenever you need us.

The untranslation agency

Go Dutch Translation is not a translation agency. Rather, we are a translation team. Both of us are therefore professional working translators fluent in the opposite language pair. Thus, if you need Dutch to English translations, we have you covered. The same goes for English to Dutch.

Because of our low overhead, we cost less without sacrificing quality. Thus, clients receive the same excellent services at half the price of an agency.

But don’t let our small size fool you! We can handle translations of any size thanks to our 15 years of experience. Additionally, we can manage external translation projects. We also have a network of trusted colleagues for high volume jobs.

Our business model

We are a translation team by choice. Thus, handling all translations and business administration ourselves, we can save costly overhead.

Because we work in opposite pairs, we never misinterpret your text. As a result, we check each other’s work as we go along, ensuring quality at every turn without costing clients a penny more.

Our promise to you

​We promise nothing but the best translations your money can buy.

Because we love what we do. Because we’ve done it for more than 15 years. And when you love what you do, it shows.

Therefore, we put our heart and soul into our translations. And we love to exceed client expectations.

Our specializations

  • ​Legal translations
  • Websites for individuals and businesses
  • Business translations
  • Tourism, hospitality, and travel translations
  • IT and tech translations
  • Government and regulation translations
  • Document translation

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